founded in 2018

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mission and vision

mission vision

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Over 25 years we have collected a lot of knowledge and experience through concepts and project management in the Membrane filtration field all around the world and our connections have been growing since..

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our ambition

In our opinion the personal contact with our clients is crucial to distribute the right product and provide the best solution. We listen carefully to our customer’s needs to understand their requirements. Therefore, we are able to deliver the ideal consulting, service and engineering and create synergetic effects. Because we are product independent, we can focus on your individual demands.

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MEMZEP is a reliable partner in consulting, technical service, engineering and realization of membrane filtration concepts. We have fun to work on your challenge.

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our market

Our membrane filtration systems are used in micro-/ ultra-/ nanofiltration and reverse osmosis processes in the fields of:

  • water-treatment
  • process water circuits
  • fermentation
  • food
  • industry
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our service

We offer consulting, service and creation of membrane filtration concepts.
In the fields of...
food, starch processing, process water, drinking water, membranebioreactor, customized modules for water-treatment, acid and caustic recycling, organic and ceramic membranes for water treatment production units, production units, CIP concepts

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our values

  • reliable
  • innovative
  • cosmopolitan
  • honest
  • independent



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Bernhard Bonapace


25 years of experience in applying membrane filtration concepts mainly in Austria, Europe, East Asia and South America Brand development and new client acquisition in Europe and East Asia in the fields of food and drinks, process and sewage water Membrane technology development in micro-/ ultra-/ nanofiltration and reverse osmosis for food and drinks, process water, desalination and liquid waste.

qualities and skills

  • Business, economic and strategic expertise
  • Decision-making skills
  • Focused and well-structured
  • Problem solving and conflict management
  • Human resource management
  • Event-management and marketing
  • Quality (ISO9001) and security (OHSAS18001) management
  • Process engineering and construction of membrane-filtration systems
  • Communicative and friendly personality





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    membranfiltrationskonzepte GMBH Ahornstrasse 3, 6063 Rum, Österreich
  • +43 664 1793687 | +43 512 205199